Troy Lallemand will be in a new color next fall.

Edmond Santa Fe announced the hiring of former Edmond Memorial boys assistant coach Troy Lallemand Monday evening. Lallemand will now assume the role of the head coach for the Santa Fe boys basketball team. Josh Williams departed this spring to take an assistant principal role within the Edmond Public Schools system.

Lallemand most recently spent three years under Shane Cowherd and the Edmond Memorial Bulldogs.

“I think that’s the only way you can sum it up: We’re extremely excited,” Lallemand said of his new move.

One aspect for the incoming head coach is the ability to stay in Edmond, something he touched on being beneficial for his family.

“For my fiancée and me, it’s always been home. Edmond has always been kind of the goal,” Lallemand said.

Originally from Kansas, Lallemand was the head coach at Piedmont High School for two years, before joining the Bulldogs three years ago. He said after his initial move from Piedmont, Edmond has always been appealing because of its location. Now, Lallemand — who purchased a house just over a year ago and is currently planning a wedding with his fiancée for later this summer — grabs a head coaching job without uprooting his current life.

Edmond Public School’s athletic director Mike Nunley was thrilled about the team’s new hire.

“We’re ecstatic for Troy, and we’re excited for Santa Fe,” Nunley said.

Nunley said Lallemand impressed the board during hiring interviews with his opinions on the current Oklahoma basketball scene. Reportedly, Nunley mentioned Lallemand was a big part of the 6A state semifinal run from Edmond Memorial this season, and he hopes Lallemand can replicate the same success at Santa Fe that the Bulldogs saw in 2019.