Edmond Memorial's Jake Royal goes for a loose ball ahead of Deer Creek's Derrick Baker on Tuesday night.

After suffering just their second loss of the year last Friday, Edmond Memorial (11-2) bounced back with a come-from-behind win over Deer Creek (7-7) on Tuesday.

The Bulldogs and Antlers went blow-for-blow well past halftime, until Sean Pedulla’s seven points in a row — including two assists in that same stretch — helped aid a 13-0 run from Memorial that pushed them past Deer Creek, 52-39.

Pedulla led all scorers with 25 points, shooting 9-for-15 from the field in the win. His hot-streak was the only separation either team could get from each other, as the teams began trading scores again in the fourth quarter. 

“The biggest thing for us was the ball moved,” Memorial head coach Shane Cowherd said. “We were playing those possessions with a lot of humility. We got opportunities to stretch and condense their defense. We found openings that were in rhythm for our offense, and it just happened to be Sean.”

Despite the win, Memorial got off to a slow start, as Deer Creek jumped out to a 10-2 run off five straight points to start the game from Jalyn Todd. Todd, along with Jerry Tullis, who finished as the Antlers leading scorer, combined for 26 of their 39 points. Tullis led Deer Creek with 15 points, shooting 7-for-15 (47%) from the field. Todd added 11 points of his own. 

Keystone Spotwood was critical in Memorial’s win as well, flying around and filling up his stat sheet in every way. He finished with 11 points, with multiple offensive rebounds and assists. 

Coach Cowherd, who wasn’t necessarily fond of Memorial’s performance, will be looking for a better one in the Bulldogs next game in Deer Creek’s Bruce Gray Tournament on Thursday. 

“We put this behind us, and we find a way to be a better version of us on Thursday,” he said. “That’s what it takes: Be a better version of me the next time out. ‘What can I do to bring value to my team?’”

Deer Creek’s Bruce Gray Tournament will begin on Thursday and finish on Saturday. 

Creek girls even the score

The girls game went much like the boys, this time with Deer Creek (12-2) getting off to a slow start before finishing strong with a 66-47 win over Memorial (7-6). 

Their were six lead changes in the first quarter alone as the teams traded scores until the final seconds. 

“The end result is the way we wanted it, but we continue to get off to slow starts that put us in a bind,” said Deer Creek head coach Alex Moorehead. “Overall we’re pleased. We’re still progressing and getting better and that’s all you can really hope for at this point.”

Deer Creek began to pull away with the game tied at 13 apiece. They went on a 7-0 scoring run late in the second quarter. 

Skylar Vann had a huge opening quarter for the Antlers, scoring nine points, on 4-for-5 shooting. She grabbed her only miss of the quarter for a put-back score. 

Vann was instrumental in the Antler’s win, finishing with 23 points, shooting 8-for-15 (53%) from the field and grabbing nine offensive boards. Her multiple second chances gave herself and her teammates new life time and time again.

“She’s extremely dynamic,” Moorehead said. “When she’s doing more than just scoring and getting other teammates the ball it makes us really, really dangerous.”

Defensively, Deer Creek turned up the pressure after the first quarter. Bri Scott finished with four steals in the second quarter alone, either taking it herself or dishing it off to her teammates for easy fast-break points. 

Eight Antlers finished with scores in the game, as opposed to Memorial’s five. Cayren Davis did all she could for an attempted Bulldog comeback, scoring seven points in the second half alone. She finished with 13 points, followed by Baylor Franz with 11, and Katelyn Levings with eight.

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