Memorial Basketball

Edmond Memorial’s Cayren Davis drives to the lane against Putnam City West in Thursday’s opening round of the Class 6A playoffs. 

No Edmond Class 6A team, neither boys nor girls, had been eliminated in the first round of the 6A playoffs throughout the last three seasons. But the Edmond Memorial girls falling to Putnam City on Thursday in Deer Creek guaranteed that at least three of the town’s largest-classified rosters will go home after first round clashes this weekend. 

Deer Creek’s and Edmond North’s boys will clash in Friday’s opening round, with the winner of that contest guaranteeing at least one more game going into next weekend. 

The Edmond Santa Fe girls, despite holding a two-point halftime lead against Choctaw Thursday night, lost by eight to Westmoore High School. 

But Edmond Memorial was the subject early Thursday in Deer Creek’s PAAC, and the hot-shooting Putnam City West was the verb. 

The Patriots splashed back-to-back 3-point makes early in Thursday’s first quarter. It’d make it an early, 10-point advantage for PCW, and while Memorial matched throughout the rest of the three and half quarters, they’d never bring the lead back within nine points. 

West’s Jocelyn Fernandez was scorching in that first half, making five 3-pointers in the first two quarters, helping PCW out to a 6-for-10 start from 3-point range. Curt Knox’s defense stayed in zone throughout makes two and three for Fernandez, but mostly because it was working on the inside. 

Edmond’s Bulldogs held PCW to just 5-of-18 shooting during that first-half. Memorial, in fact, didn’t allow a single 2-point try the entire second quarter. And, when Fernandez’s eventual and inevitable fifth 3-point make came, the Bulldogs moved to man, kept the pressure, and froze out PCW over the final three-and-a-half minutes of the second half. 

The defensive stand did buy some time. It freed up Memorial’s Baylor Franz, who finished with a team-best 17 points and eight rebounds. But she and Fernandez dueled to dance the lead back-and-forth from double- and single-digits. 

Midway through the second, Franz took a hesitation dribble behind-the-back before tear-dropping it in the cup. Memorial’s Cayren Davis took a charge the next trip down, and Franz cashed in on and-one conversion at the free-throw line. 

But Fernandez splashed another 3 to answer and force Memorial out of the zone before the end of the first half. 

Memorial was able to keep the Patriots bogged down offensively into the third quarter, but four miscues on down-the-court passes for Memorial ultimately saw the Bulldogs fail to make a second-half basket until there was just 2:46 remaining in the third quarter. 

It came on a Franz lay-up and it sparked her to eight second-half points overall. But, it came in a frame that saw PCW outpace Edmond’s Bulldogs 16-6 in the third. 

Memorial, ultimately fell 54-40 Thursday night. 

Lauren Hjelmstad scored six points and grabbed five rebounds in Thursday’s loss. Cayren Davis added another three points and four boards, and Isabel Langenberg tallied nine points on 4-for-8 shooting.

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