It is hard not to love high school volleyball.

If you have not watched a match before, you have one final chance in Sapulpa this weekend, as Memorial, North and Santa Fe compete for the state championship.

What makes it so exciting is it is a celebration. It is a party every-single point.

And if you didn't know, there is an opportunity for up to 52 parties every game, multiply that by five games, and you have 260 celebrations all packed into a one-hour match.

It does not matter if an opponent gets whipped by the tune of 25-8, 25-6, 25-7, either. The losing team will have celebrated at least 21 times. Around 75 to 76 times for the winning team. Everyone goes home happy, or at least worn out from cheering.

This is what high school sports is all about — having fun.

Volleyball is the only sport where celebrating does not come with a penalty. If a girl wants to pretend she is swinging a light saber through the ring of girls surrounding her, she can do it. Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals has nothing on these girls.

If you do a dance or spike the ball on a football field, it's a 15-yard penalty, no questions asked. This kind of activity on a basketball court would result in a technical foul. But remove the basketball goals from that same court, and add a volleyball net, and anything goes.

The fans are equally entertaining. Just like the team celebrations, the fans are very creative. McAlester and Bishop McGuinness are the best.They travel well, usually dressed in a fresh coat of paint of their school's colors.

But, if celebrations and body paint is not your cup of tea, then come for the athleticism that will be on display.

Memorial, North and Santa Fe, each have their share of high flyers that like to spike and serve the ball with authority.

Athletes like Karisa Almgren, Kelsey Hancock, Lacy Reasons, Constance Ezugha, Emily Cobbs and Taylor Rowton, do not come around very often.

The Edmond teams are ranked Nos. 1, 2 and 3, which could, and should result in an All-Edmond final, adding to the excitement.

The tournament starts Friday, and will wrap up with the championship match, which is scheduled for a 5:15 p.m. start at Sapulpa High School.

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