Four Edmond beach volleyball teams made their way into the championships of their respective divisions of the Oklahoma High School Beach Championships this weekend. 

Edmond Santa Fe and Deer Creek High School each saw teams in the championships of both divisions, with the schools splitting the first-place finishes. 

Deer Creek’s Teagan Polcovich and Haley Houk won the Junior/Senior division at the championships, taking first over Santa Fe’s Rori Chartier and Anastassiya Barakhoyeva. Though playing for different high schools, Chartier and Polcovich have both committed to collegiate beach volleyball teams this summer. 

Polcovich announced she would be attending Missouri State University in late June; Chartier announced her commitment to Boise State Universty’s beach team on July 25. 

Polcovich and Chartier are beach volleyball teammates during the club season, too, with the pair donning their respective high school colors for the weekend’s beach championships. That wrinkle led to mind games, according to one side of the equation. 

“We already know what the other is trying to do,” Teagan Polcovich said Monday. “I just tried to hit it to her partner to take (Chartier) out of it and I noticed she was trying to do the same.”

Edmond Santa Fe took the Freshman/Sophomore division at the Oklahoma Beach Championships; however, Wolves’ Abi Miraku and Allison Pope took gold over Deer Creek’s Mazi Watson and Maddie Manning.

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