Of all the trends high-school basketball coaches and fans get tired of these days, perhaps nothing causes more tension than players moving to another district for a better chance of winning a state championship.

Well, meet Kelsey Gregory. She’s the antithesis of that trend.

The Edmond North sophomore was nestled comfortably at Deer Creek this time last year. She played only sparingly as a freshman, but was set to contribute more for a team that was returning just about everyone and was sure to start the season ranked No. 1 after a Class 4A state semifinal finish.

But, in the offseason, Gregory upped and moved away from that state-title favorite and over to the Lady Huskies.

“I just thought this would be better,” she said. “I wanted to play for coach (Keith) Sinor. We heard he was a good, Christian guy. I also thought it was a good opportunity as a sophomore to play, because they didn’t really have any posts.”

Of course, Gregory isn’t the first Deer Creek standout to leave for larger waters. The Antlers and Lady Antlers have lost several key players to Edmond’s three 6A schools in all sorts of sports.

Among the many reasons, one of them is invariably the same — school size. The desire to play on the biggest level is simply too much.

Gregory, though, may not have fully realized what she’d gotten into at first. Her initial experience on the 6A level was the annual Edmond Memorial vs. Edmond North contest with all of the usual madness included. The welcoming to Oklahoma’s highest level of prep basketball was a wild one.

“It was scary, but it was really exciting,” she said. “I just like the bigness of it. The games are so much more exciting.”

North sure isn’t doing any complaining about Gregory’s recent move. That’s because the 6-foot post has been one of the biggest contributors so far in a 6-10 start. She’s averaging 8.2 points a game and was leading the team in scoring the first month of the season.

A program that has struggled the past few years, the Lady Huskies seem to be slowly improving all the time. The addition of Gregory is one of the biggest reasons.

“She’s given us an inside post presence, which has allowed us to move some girls back to positions they should’ve been playing,” Sinor said. “She’s got a lot of potential. For a sophomore, she has really good post moves. She just needs to learn how to finish.”

Since she’s just a sophomore, Gregory has all kinds of time to learn everything the game has to offer. Already, she says this season has been a large lesson.

“I’ve learned a lot. I learned to pick up my defense,” she said. “I was just hoping to help us win. We don’t have the best record right now, but I really hope we’ll win some more games.”

With an inside scoring threat in tow, the Lady Huskies could continue to get better over the next couple seasons. This year’s freshman team has lost only one game so far and has several pieces which could complete the picture.

“All the freshmen are really good,” Gregory said. “I feel like we’re going to just keep getting stronger.”

North plays host to Mustang, a top-five team, Tuesday night. The Lady Huskies also will play host to Choctaw on Friday.


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