The University of Central Oklahoma held a grand opening ceremony Wednesday afternoon and cut a ribbon to officially open the Hamilton Field House addition.

The addition — six new locker rooms for men's and women's basketball, wrestling, volleyball, tennis, and soccer, a new practice gym for men's and women's basketball and volleyball, and a new wrestling room bigger and better than any other in the state of Oklahoma — offers Central Oklahoma a modern and high-tech facility that provides the highest quality of amenities.

"We are so grateful to be able to provide these new spaces to all of the different teams that will use them," UCO Director of Athletics Eddie Griffin said. "For so many years, our women's sports have been sharing locker rooms and our teams have been sharing practice space. It's such a blessing to be able to provide all of these teams with new places to call home that's their own.

"And for our wrestling program with all of its storied history to be have its new space, we're just thrilled for them," Griffin continued. "They have the biggest and the best room in the state and really, one of the best in the country, anywhere. We're happy for them to be able to call that home too."

Hamilton Field House opened its doors 1965 and with the new addition opening its doors Wednesday, what lies behind is nothing short of spectacular.

An auxiliary gymnasium with six retractable basketball goals, two retractable volleyball nets, a center-mounted volleyball net, and it all happens on a state-of-the-art maple gym floor.

In the wrestling room, four 42x42 wrestling mats cover the room. A cardio area sits next to the mats. Both of those can be accessed after the UCO Wrestling Legacy Hall, an area with a lounge, trophy cases and shelves, and two large-mount interactive television displays.

And six new locker rooms are housed in the Hamilton Field House addition. The wrestling team has its own space with 40 lockers, as does men's basketball (18 lockers), women's basketball (18), volleyball (20), soccer (30), and tennis (10). All lockers are state-of-the-art with personal outlets and personalized name plates. All locker rooms are also fully equipped with a lounge area and a nutrition counter.

Central Oklahoma also expanded its athletic training area in Hamilton Field House. A satellite training office with renovated athletic training room and rehab space is just feet from each locker room.

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