As the local high school football season regrettably winds down, it’s time for a few observations about what has played out over the last eight weeks.

It’s been another rough year for Edmond Memorial. The Bulldogs have been ravaged by injuries and, barring a miracle win over Tulsa Union, will finish the 2005 season with a 1-9 mark. But there have been a few bright spots. For one, the team continues to battle even though it has had trouble staying in games. That’s always a good sign. The second is the emergence of sophomore quarterback Bradley Misialek, who entered the scene early in the season and has managed to hold onto the starting job ever since.

Misialek, who is just 5-8 and weighs 150 pounds, has demonstrated some impressive mental and physical toughness this year. When I first spoke to him just before his first start, my initial impression was that this kid wasn’t going to last long. His size presents problems and his arm strength isn’t where it needs to be yet. But Misialek has hung in there, despite being pounded by opposing defenses each and every week. He gives the Bulldogs a good starting point for next year.

Third, Michael Coppock has finally put together a full season and has been impressive. Coppock has nice speed and runs with power and is probably Memorial’s best overall player. One thing that is puzzling is the fact Memorial hasn’t teamed him up with speedy Jarell Robinson, younger brother of Kenneth Robinson. Memorial’s coaches raved about Robinson’s potential last year, but he hasn’t seen much playing time. Kenneth Robinson and Jacobb Irvin made a nice tandem last season, but for the most part, the Bulldogs’ running game has been in Coppock’s able hands.

Defensively, the Bulldogs seem to have righted their ship. Memorial held Stillwater to 24 points in Week 7. Sapulpa scored 31 but one of their touchdowns came on special teams and the other on an interception return. Limiting a flashy offense like Sapulpa’s to 17 points is pretty impressive.

At Edmond Santa Fe, it’s business as usual. The Wolves are well on their way to an undefeated regular season with virtual gimme games against Yukon and Del City left on the slate. This may not be Dan Cocannouer’s most athletically talented team, but it is talented and what’s more, Santa Fe is seeing an ever growing list of players who are, to use a tired cliché, stepping it up to make plays. No longer is it just Reggie Smith or Steve Day. Now it’s Justin Lane, Spencer Selby, Ty Weeden, Marvin Ezugha, Jesse Miles, Jeff Davis, Tucker Teigland and on and on. Class 6A is as wide open as it was in 2003, the first and only time Santa Fe has made it to the state finals. A return trip is certainly within the cards.

At Deer Creek it’s been another long year but one that could still produce a playoff berth. I like what coach Denton Fox is doing, even if some of the DC fans don’t think the offense is much fun to watch. Fox’s record at Jones speaks for itself and whether or not the offense is exciting to watch is completely irrelevant as long as it wins games and in the long run it will.


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