Duncan Steward

Edmond Santa Fe's Taylor Duncan (8) and Rylee Steward try to block a hit against Deer Creek on Tuesday evening.

Edmond Santa Fe Volleyball finished Tuesday evening off by winning a match between two teams fresh off tournament wins after they beat rival Deer Creek at home and in three sets.

Santa Fe’s Taylor Duncan had the highest hitting percentage, while senior Rorianna Chartier had the most kills for her team in the win.

Some of the standouts also included Santa Fe’s junior Lainie Britton and Deer Creek’s senior Teagan Polcovich and sophomore Maddison Manning.


Polcovich scored the first point of the game, but Santa Fe was quick to compete.

Coach Will Ethridge said the team came in with “good energy.”

“There’s still room for improvement,” he said. “We had a good weekend last week…we beat a really good team.”

Ethridge was alluding to his teams win over the No. 1 ranked Arkansas team Har-Ber High School, whom the Wolves eventually tied with atop the bracket of the Jenks Invitational Tournament last weekend. 

However, the second set had longer vollies and more saves. The points also stayed close to each other until Santa Fe began a consistent five-point lead over Deer Creek. Deer Creek closed that gap to force extra points, but the Wolves earned a 28-26 win there, forcing match-set. 

Early during the last set, Deer Creek held to a lead of six points. Santa Fe rallied, though, tying the  match later at 21-21. The Wolves then won the ensuing, third race to 25.

Some of Deer Creek’s struggles may have been lethargic after an emotional, 5-0 weekend saw them take top prize at this weekend's Stillwater Tournament.  

“I feel like we came in sluggish, not a lot of energy, so it was pressure time” Deer Creek coach Lisa Polcovich said. “We didn’t pass the ball well tonight.”

Polcovich was complimentary of the Santa Fe roster, stating they were a big reason why the team struggled to pass the ball, but Polcovich said she didn’t think the team was also mentally prepared for Thursday’s top-8 clash. 

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