• In 2015 24.5% of Oklahomans age 16 and over with disabilities were employed, compared to 66.9% of persons without disabilities. 17.6% of working-aged people with disabilities receive Supplemental Security Income.

• In 2016, the poverty-rate of working-age people with disabilities was 25.9%.

• Deer Creek Schools is a public school district in Edmond, Okla., that serves over 6,500 students, with a special needs population of over 10%.

• Deer Creek Schools is Oklahoma’s lowest per pupil funded public school and therefore must rely heavily on support from patrons and community partners.

• The non-profit Deer Creek Parent Support Group for Individual with Special Needs was established in 2015 to provide financial support in establishing a transition house for students with special needs.

— According to information provided by the Deer Creek Public Schools

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